7 Reasons To Get Regular Dental Checkups

regular-dental-checkupAt the office of Dr. Carol Jin in San Ramon, CA we’d like to share seven reasons to get regular dental checkups. Just because you brush and floss the recommended amount does not mean you should skip a professional cleaning. There will always be a buildup of plaque on your teeth after a few months. The seven most significant benefits of regular dental checkups are:

  •  To Alleviate Bad Breath
  •  To Prevent Tooth Loss And Decay
  •  As Healthy Reminder To Avoid Bad Habits
  •  To Detect Potential Trouble Spots
  •  To Uncover Abnormalities Or Tumors
  •  To Strengthen Your Immune System
  •  To Saves You Money Costlier Procedures

Keep Your Breath Fresh

We know there are lots of excuses not to see a dentist until you’re in pain. The truth is your teeth and gums may feel fine, but your breath and loved ones may disagree. If you have halitosis, seeing a general dentist twice a year is a key to a healthier mouth.

Prevent Tooth Loss & Cavities

Plaque turns into tartar, the leading cause of tooth decay. Tartar is more difficult to remove with just brushing, flossing, and rinsing. Dental hygienists have the tools, experience, and good angles to safely and thoroughly remove tartar and plaque before it turns into a need for more in-depth dental repair.

Protect Your Teeth. Avoid Bad Dental Habits.

Bad oral habits will begin to show, especially if the foods you tend to eat are things like red wine, coffee, and hard candy. These foods can quickly cause tooth damage and stains. We provide you with helpful tips on curtailing poor habits that stain, cause cavities, and oral diseases. This protects your teeth and your wallet in the long run.

Thorough Dental Exams For Prevention & Detection

X-rays tell your family dentist a lot about how well teeth are aging and growing. You may not feel as if you have cavities, but until you get an x-ray, there’s no telling how much tartar has run wild. Your dentist is also trained to recognize oral abnormalities like cancers. We inspect and check for tumors or potential diseases that may need further medical attention.

Dental Health For Overall Health

Gum disease and cavities can lead to infections that can wreak havoc on your bloodstream and your heart. This can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and other severe medical conditions. A general dental checkup may include checking your lymph nodes, thyroid glands, and jaw for potential health issues.

Get A Dental Checkup In San Ramon

We hope you’ve enjoyed these seven reasons to get regular dental checkups. Your dental health benefits may include free bi-annual dental visits. Don’t neglect to utilize your insurance until a painful problem occurs. We invite you to schedule your next dental cleaning at Dr. Carol Jin San Ramon office today.