Dental Coupons

Dental coupons are available at Dr. Carol Jin’s office in San Ramon. We know dental work is costly and can be a burden if you do not have insurance or are struggling financially, but not taking care of your teeth will end up being even more costly down the road. It has been medically proven that poor dental health affects other areas of your health as well. Take care of yourself by taking care of your teeth, and let Dr. Carol Jin help you by accepting one of her exceptional offers.

Senior Discount – 10% off All Services

Dr. Carol Jin offers 10% off of all services for seniors! Patients over 65 certainly deserve to be treated with respect and have many more years to treasure their teeth. We can help by offering this very special dental coupon to you. Come see us for convenient appointment times, respectful care, and a whopping 10% discount on all senior services.

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If you are looking for discounts, dental coupons, or a way to smile easier, call us today. We’ll get you scheduled and offer you whatever assistance and discounts we have available. We hope to see you soon.