Gaps In Teeth

Gapped Tooth Treatment
Dr. Carol Jin, in San Ramon, can address the gaps in your teeth. Gaps can come about for many reasons, a damaged tooth, a tooth beyond repair requiring extraction, or an injury. Dr. Jin works to prevent tooth removal, but sometimes the loss of a tooth is unavoidable, and in those cases, you need options.

Don’t Ignore A Gap

If you’ve lost a tooth due to extraction, injury, or decay, the worst thing you can do for your oral and dental health is to ignore the gap. Your teeth work together and respond to the shape and location of each tooth. Once you lose a tooth, that gap creates a space the other teeth will try to fill. This can create jaw problems, tooth alignment issues, headaches, and further damage to other teeth. Gaps can also be unsightly, and the last thing you want to do is avoid smiling.

Filling The Gap

Choices for filling the gap will depend on the number of teeth lost, the condition of adjacent teeth, your goals, and your budget. Bonding, implants, and bridges are all potential options.

Small Gaps

You may have small gaps naturally in your teeth that may not have anything to do with the loss of a tooth. These gaps can cause problems for your oral health but may also bother you from an aesthetic standpoint. Realigning teeth using bonding can often fill these gaps.

Treatment Options

  • Dental Implants
  • Composite Bonding
  • Veneers
  • Crown & Bridge Work

Implants Are The Best Choice For Tooth Loss

Implants are always the best option for tooth replacement as long as your bones are healthy enough to receive them, and you don’t have a high risk of infection. Implants are connected directly to your bone and act as a new tooth. The teeth placed through implants look completely natural, don’t move, and don’t require removal at night or for cleaning. They are a more costly option, but also can last a lifetime.

Loss Of A Large Number Of Teeth

Dental Bridges are a choice if you’ve lost multiple teeth or need to have many extracted. They are an affordable option many people turn to if implants are not viable, or the cost is too excessive.

Loss Of Several Teeth

If you’ve lost several teeth and want to avoid implants or the cost of implants, a bridge may be the right choice for you. Dr. Jin can create a natural-looking and comfortable bridge to fill the gaps. Bridges can be connected to dental implants or adjacent teeth and are typically removable.

The Important Thing To Remember

The important thing to remember is not to leave a gap. There are options to fill the gaps. Schedule an appointment today to discuss the options available to you.