Back To School Dental Tips

kid-smile-dentistIt’s back-to-school season, and although this won’t be on any supply list, Dr. Carol Jin, DDS in San Ramon has some great back to school dental tips to keep your child’s smile bright and healthy all year. Start the school year with a routine visit and cleaning and ensure great oral health for the months to come.

Plan Ahead For Success

It’s a busy time of year, so schedule your back to school dental checkup as soon as possible and prepare your child in advance. Most kids like to know what’s happening, and knowing about a dental visit ahead of time can relieve anxiety.

Of course, you know your child best, so the reverse may also be true. Think about the time of day when scheduling the appointment. Avoid mealtimes or at any time when your child might be more prone to crankiness or an emotional outburst.

Pack Some Distractions

One of the best dental tips for kids is to bring some favorite books and toys for the waiting room. We do our best to see patients promptly, but if there is a short wait, things will go more smoothly with some familiar items from home to provide entertainment. A favorite comfort item might help during the checkup itself.

Make Back To School Check-Ups A Routine

Receiving regular checkups helps children feel comfortable about going to the dentist. Soon, they will see their back to school appointment as just another part of preparing for the upcoming year and will look forward to that clean, fresh feeling.

A Healthy, Bright Smile All Year

As a parent, you want what’s best for your child and their health. You also want them to do their best academically. Physical health, including tooth health, contributes to academic performance. There are several ways you can help to keep your child’s smile healthy and bright all year. Here are our some of our top tips:

  • Offer healthy snacks and lunches.
  • Brush daily with a toothpaste containing fluoride.
  • Wear a mouthguard during sporting events.
  • Get regular checkups and cleanings.
  • Ask your dentist about sealant to prevent cavities.

Schedule Your Child’s Dental Appointment

Contact Dr. Carol Jin, DDS to schedule your back to school children’s dental check-up in San Ramon today. We hope these back to school dental tips will get your family off to a great start this fall. We want your child to have a successful school year, and that includes a healthy smile.