Dental Check Ups

Dental CheckupsIf you have been putting off your regular dental exam, now is the time to schedule a dental check up in San Ramon at Dr, Carol Jin’s office. Regular dental check ups are very important to your health in several different ways.

Teeth Cleaning

Dr. Jin is able to reach places you cannot get to at home using just dental floss and a tooth brush. A complete teeth cleaning helps eliminate accumulations of tartar and plaque, leaving your teeth clean and polished. We can also provide recommendations for cleaning your teeth more effectively at home. Sometimes, x-rays are helpful for identifying the early development of cavities. Together, we can help you maintain your beautiful smile for years to come.

Maintaining Your Overall Health

Regular dental check ups involve more than just cleaning. We can make x-rays or check your mouth for evidence of gum disease, decay, signs of oral cancer, and mouth sores. Your oral health also provides a good indication of your overall health. Recently, research has demonstrated a link between poor dental health, diabetes, and heart disease. Gum infections have been found to cause complications in pregnancies.

Missing Fillings or Crowns

A regular dental exam is also helpful in identifying any missing or fillings or crowns that many have gone unnoticed. A missing filling can put you at risk for another active infection in that tooth or even an abscess.

Identifying any problems in this area can help prevent costly work in the future, such as a root canal. Preventative care is always the best solution. Schedule a dental check up in San Ramon with Dr. Jin to head off any potential problems before they become serious.