Mouth Guards

Mouth Guard San RamonSometimes people are in need of mouth guards but might not realize it. Here at Dr. Carol Jin’s office in San Ramon, we see patients coming in every day, worried about tiny cracks and breaks on the surface of their teeth. Far too many of our patients do not realize that the solution to their problem involves night guards.

Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, occurs for a variety of reasons. Some patients grind their teeth because of stress, while others grind their teeth because of medical factors. As the problem only develops while the patient is asleep, many do not realize that they have a problem until they see the side effects.

Bruxism is similar to the effect of rubbing a piece of sandpaper against the back of a hand. Human teeth are incredibly strong and durable, but teeth grinding can break down the enamel. This leaves the softer portion inside the tooth exposed. Patients who have dental work, including crowns and cavities, can even see the work breaking down as a result of the teeth grinding.

Night guards provide an easy fix for this problem. Even those who worry about sleeping with the device in their mouths will stop worrying once they realize how comfortably the device fits. Night guards feature a molded plastic design that fits over the teeth. The guard keeps the patient from grinding his or her teeth at night as the person sleeps.

Mouth Guards for Sports

Here at Dr. Carol Jin’s Office, we can help athletes of all ages by providing custom fitted mouth guards. We ensure that every guard fits perfectly in a patient’s mouth before we let that person leave the office. The guard fits over the teeth, but it will not interfere with speach. Schedule an appointment at our San Ramon office to discuss the benefits of mouth guards.