Periodontal Disease

Gum Disease Treatment

Periodontal Disease San RamonPeriodontal disease is the general name given to a multi-staged condition that begins with a very common disorder called gingivitis. This inflammation of the gums is not always apparent, but there are some common symptoms. Awareness of risk factors is helpful in preventing the disease, and this is very important because gum disease can lead to serious complication. Our dentist office in San Ramon offers treatment options for every stage of the disease.

Learning to Recognize Periodontal Disease

The best methods of preventing gum inflammation can also be used to arrest progression of inflammation, but lasting relief and potential reversal will depend on dental care. The leading risk factors for the first stage of gingivitis are poor dental hygiene and poor diet. Even people who brush and floss regularly are not fully protected, however, as other risk factors can cause damage to the gums in between hygiene practices.

Misaligned teeth and defective fixtures in the mouth can make it difficult to properly clean these areas. Hormonal changes, tobacco use, certain prescription drugs, diabetes, and untreated acid reflux can all contribute to damaged gums. An appointment with Dr. Carol Jin can reduce these risks in several ways. Every patient receives individualized instruction in how to accommodate hygiene. Medical and lifestyle risks cannot be directly countered except by the patient, but Dr. Jin can diagnose gum disease before it presents serious complications.

The next step in prevention is learning to recognize symptoms. Too often things like pain during brushing or blood on the tooth brush are taken for granted as normal. Blood could be normal in cases of overly vigorous brushing. Proper use of dental hygiene should not cause pain or bleeding. Other recognizable symptoms include loosening or separating teeth, bad breath or persisting bad taste in the mouth, receding gums, and changes in the bite pattern.

Periodontal Disease Treatment In San Ramon

Gum disease can lead to serious complications when left unchecked. Losing teeth and experiencing localized infections is only part of the threat. Deep abscesses may form and threaten the bones, which will require major corrective surgery. Infections can spread through the body and increase the risk of immune dysfunction and heart disease.

The best for of treatment for any disease is prevention. This begins with eating a balanced diet, daily practice of oral hygiene, and at least two dental appointments each year. If the signs of gingivitis are already visible you should call our dentist office for immediate treatment.