Traumatic Dental Injury

Apple Tooth InjuryIf you find yourself with a traumatic dental injury and need treatment, Dr. Carol Jin, DDS in San Ramon, CA can help. If you are experiencing pain, she can provide relief and start the healing process. Tooth trauma requires immediate attention to avoid tooth loss and permanent damage.

When The Unexpected Happens

Dental trauma can happen to anyone at a moment’s notice. You can bite down on something hard and cause a tooth fracture, or more commonly, you can experience a sports injury. Whatever the situation, treatment from a dentist is critical. Some examples of traumatic dental injury include:

  • Chipped Teeth
  • Cracked (Fractured) Teeth
  • Dislodged (Loose) Teeth
  • Teeth Knocked Out
  • Horizontal Root Fracture
  • Fractured Crown

Saving Your Smile

With the help of an experienced dentist, you can save injured teeth and your smile. There are many options for repairing the damage, depending on what kind of trauma has occurred. The first step is a thorough examination, including x-rays to see how far the damage has extended into the gums and jaw.

Comfortable Care For Dental Trauma

Some signs of dental trauma, such as bruised gums, are less obvious and may be missed by a dentist with less experience. Of course, pain relief is a top priority as well. Dr. Carol Jin, DDS will make sure you are comfortable as a plan falls into place.

Prevention Is Important

The best way to deal with tooth injuries is to avoid them. Accidents happen, but certain steps can be taken to protect your teeth. Mouth guards should be worn if you play sports, and if you know you have weak teeth, avoid nuts and seeds that can potentially crack your teeth or previous dental work, like crowns. Regular dental checkups and cleanings with fluoride treatments can also strengthen your teeth and enamel.

The Very Best In Dental Care

At the office of Dr. Carol Jin, DDS, we want to make sure you get the best care in treating a traumatic dental injury. If you are in need of treatment for a tooth injury in San Ramon, contact us right away. We want to see your strong, healthy smile.