5 Signs Your Dental Filling Needs To Be Replaced

Replace Dental FillingGive yourself a reason to smile again with dental filling replacement by Dr. Carol Jin, DDS in San Ramon, CA. Your dental health affects many areas in your life, such as job hunts, client relationships, romantic relationships, general confidence, and so much more. Having a missing filling is more than an inconvenience. Find out how replacing your fillings can help you.

Signs You Need A New Filling

There are many signs that you might need a new filling. Your old dental fillings could be metal fillings or composite fillings. Both temporary tooth-saving options require a little help over time. Keeping up with regular at-home and in-office dental care can help you make sure your mouth and smile are as healthy as possible.

  1. You Feel A Gap Where Fillings Used To Be
  2. You Feel A Crack In The Filling
  3. You Feel Pain Or Tooth Sensitivity
  4. You’ve Been Hit In The Face
  5. Your Dental Fillings Are Old

Missing Or Damaged Tooth Fillings

Maybe you thought you found a piece of shell, bone, or a pit in your food. Perhaps your filling came out attached to a sticky part of the food. Or maybe you don’t know when it was damaged or swallowed, but all you feel is a crack or gaping hope in a previously filled tooth.

Annoyingly, both food and bacteria easily get caught in a damaged or missing filling. If not addressed quickly, your lost filling can result in having to redo a root canal or the loss of a permanent tooth.

Man, That Hurts!

Does it hurt whenever you eat sugary foods, hot foods, or have a cold drink? Maybe your filled tooth always aches or hurts, period. A damaged or corrupt filling can expose delicate nerves and invite tooth-decaying bacteria. You can also get a cavity underneath a loose filling. This will not only begin to hurt but smell as well.

Getting your filling looked at and repaired quickly can put an end to tooth sensitivity and pain.

It’s Been A While

If your smile shows flashes of dark or your current composite filling has turned from a natural color to a more yellowish hue, it’s probably time for a new dental restoration procedure. Regular care can reduce the frequency of needing new fillings, but after 5 to 10 years, your filled teeth probably will need some attention.

Older, larger fillings can cause cracks or fractures in your healthy tooth structure if left unchecked. Sometimes old fillings begin to fail in ways that aren’t obvious to the naked eye. Regular x-rays and dental exams keep you ahead of uncomfortable complications.

Get A New Filling In San Ramon

Get your fillings looked at regularly during your bi-annual exams by Dr. Carol Jin, DDS in San Ramon, CA. We can spot problems early to prevent suffering or address the symptoms you’re already having, whether you need a new filling or a full or partial crown. We can also help you guard against tooth grinding, which damages fillings over time. Call us today and make an appointment to improve or protect your dental health.