5 Things Your Family Dentist Wants You To Know

Family Dentist San RamonDr. Carol Jin, DDS in San Ramon, California, provides gentle and thorough family dentistry for every member of your household, no matter what dental concerns you may have. From preventative care to emergency dental services, our staff works hard to provide care that helps even the most anxious clients from beginning to end.

We believe that great dental hygiene begins at home with you and is supported through consistent and professional dental care.

Tips For Healthier Teeth

It’s no secret that beautiful, healthy teeth and gums are the result of great, regular, professional dental care. However, there are some things that we want you to keep in mind even when you aren’t at your dentist’s office.

  1. Poor dental health and hygiene can have a significant negative impact on your overall health.
  2. You may be brushing and flossing, but you still need to see your dentist for regular dental checkups.
  3. Don’t wait until you are in pain to see your family dentist.
  4. People of all ages can benefit from dental checkups.
  5. Rinse your mouth out with water after every meal to wash out food particles that encourage decay.

A Great Smile Begins At Home

It’s crucial to remember that not taking proper care of your mouth can result in far-reaching consequences for your entire body, including heart disease, and serious infections. While both proper hygiene at home and regular dental checkups are important, the best way to ensure a healthy and beautiful smile is to commit to doing both.

Ideally, seeing your dentist every six months should go hand in hand with proper brushing, flossing, and rinsing every day.

Exceptional Family Dentist In San Ramon

Dr. Carol Jin, DDS, and her staff offer a stress-free family dental experience for clients of every age in San Ramon. We want to ensure that your smile isn’t just brilliant but healthy as well. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment.