Cracked Tooth Repair

Fractured ToothPain or sensitivity that comes and goes when chewing that steak or sipping a hot or iced latte may mean your tooth is cracked and in need of immediate expert cracked tooth repair provided by Dr. Carol Jin in San Ramon, California. While a cracked tooth may not be apparent when you look in the mirror, it is extremely important to seek a diagnosis and needed treatment to avoid a possible extraction. Let us help.

Avoiding Cracked Teeth

While everyday living makes it hard to completely avoid cracked teeth, there are some things that may make you even more susceptible to cracking a tooth. For example, playing contact sports without a protective mask or mouthguard, or if you have a tendency to grind or clench your teeth (either while awake or sleeping), you may also be prone to cracking a tooth. Cracking nuts or unpopped popcorn kernels with your teeth or chewing on your pen or other objects are bad habits that can also lead to cracked teeth.

Cracked Tooth Types & Treatments

There are many types of tooth cracks. There also many degrees of this type of damage. Each type of crack may involve a different treatment. We will identify the damage to your tooth and the degree of repair necessary. Types of cracked teeth can include:

  • Root Fractures
  • Split Tooth
  • Craze Lines
  • Cusp Fracture
  • Cracked Tooth

The type of cracked tooth you need will depend on the amount of damage and the location of the crack. Common treatments for a cracked tooth include the following :

Tooth Bonding For Minor Tooth Cracks

While craze lines are extremely common and cause no threat or pain to your teeth, you may want to improve their appearance by consulting with Dr. Jin as to available cosmetic remedies. If your crack or chip is small, dental bonding can easily fill it in with a dental resin or use cosmetic contouring to polish and blend it away.

Veneers Or Crowns To Fix A Cracked Tooth

Veneers, which involve our applying a thin layer of porcelain over the front of your tooth, are perfect when you still have a significant amount of tooth remaining. They are long-lasting and require very little preliminary tooth removal. However, if a portion of your tooth has broken off, particularly around a filling, it is called a fractured cusp and may require replacement with a protective crown.

Major Repairs, Major Relief

If we determine that your molar has cracked vertically above the gum line extending into the pulp, a root canal may be required followed by a crown to keep the crack from spreading and save your tooth. A split tooth or vertical root fracture may mean a partial or complete extraction of your tooth is required to fix the cracked tooth and relieve cracked tooth pain. In that case, a dental implant can immediately replace your tooth to maintain the structural integrity and appearance of your mouth.

Let Us Restore Your Smile & Comfort

If you suspect you may have a cracked tooth, contact Dr. Carol Jin for an appointment as soon as possible. She can diagnose and recommend treatment that not only relieves your pain, but also prevents the crack from spreading and causing more severe damage to your teeth. We look forward to restoring your smile and bringing you relief from discomfort today.