Tooth Decay

Tooth DecayIf you live in San Ramon, California and are suffering from the pain and discomfort of tooth decay, Dr. Carol Jin can help. Dr. Jin and her team will ensure your comfort with specialized gentle dentistry techniques. We want to help you achieve healthy gums and teeth for a lifetime.

What Is Tooth Decay?

Tooth decay is a disease that results in dental cavities, but it’s a disease we can effectively treat – and even prevent with the proper dental care. When bacteria containing plaque develops in our mouth, it interacts with (or feeds off of) sugars from food and beverages to produce damaging acids. These acids erode enamel, leaving your teeth weakened and susceptible to decay. When these acids eat away enough of the tooth, it creates a hole, or cavity, which can cause pain, infection, and even loss of the tooth. Our teeth are comprised of three separate layers: the first is the enamel, the middle layer is called dentin, and the third layer or center is the pulp.

Tooth Decay Prevention

The good news is that tooth decay can be easily prevented. Proper oral hygiene and regular dental visits can reduce the production and help with the removal of plaque. The acids that work to demineralize our teeth are active for 20 minutes or more after finishing a meal. Regular brushing and flossing are important to keep the acids in check and prevent tooth decay. Fluoride is important to help remineralize teeth and maintain the enamel.

Tooth Decay Treatment

Treatment for tooth decay begins with a visit to your dental professional for an examination of your teeth and gums. The examination includes X-rays to determine if there is decay not visible to the naked eye. Regular visits are an important part of a successful treatment plan. Decay that is caught before it progresses into a cavity may be reversed with the simple and regular application of fluoride. Decay that has progressed beyond this treatment will require alternative options dependent on the severity of the decay itself.

Some of the treatments include:

  • Fillings – the cavity is cleaned out and filled to protect the tooth
  • Crown – a man-made “cap” to replace badly damaged parts of a tooth
  • Root Canal – removal of affected pulp
  • Extraction – the removal of the entire tooth and root

Healthy Gums And Teeth For A Lifetime

Don’t let tooth decay get the best of your teeth or your smile. There are many things our team of dental professionals can do to prevent and treat decay. Call Dr. Carol Jin of San Ramon for an appointment today!