DIY Teeth Whitening Mistakes

Teeth Whitening San RamonKits and products are everywhere, but at the office of Dr. Carol Jin, DDS, we want you to know that trying to whiten your teeth at home can be a risky endeavor. Let us help you avoid some of the most common mistakes at home whitening efforts result in. We also offer professional zoom whitening services in our San Ramon, CA dental office to serve you.

Professional Whitening Is Best

Many people with stained, yellow teeth resort to DIY teeth whitening products thinking it will save money. Unfortunately, overuse of over the counter products can cause severe damage to your teeth, mouth, and gums.

This is especially true if you haven’t been to the dentist in a while. Repairing damage caused by at-home tooth whitening may end up costing you more than if you had sought professional whitening in the first place.

Mistake #1 – Skipping Your Dental Appointments

Many people try to whiten their teeth when they haven’t seen a dentist in months or even years, which is a potentially dangerous mistake. If you have cavities or other damage to your tooth enamel, home whitening products will enter the cracks and crevices, causing further damage. If nerve endings are involved, you can even experience severe pain.

Other Avoidable Tooth Whitening Mistakes

Even if you do keep up with bi-annual dental clinic appointments, tooth whitening kits can make getting results seem deceptively simple. There are many common mistakes that people make when trying to whiten their teeth at home.

  • Not brushing and flossing before whitening, which can lead to uneven whitening.
  • Leaving products on too long, which can dull your teeth.
  • Eating or smoking while whitening, which results in splotchy, uneven whitening.
  • Using whitening toothpaste and mouthwash every day, which can damage the sensitive tissues of your mouth and gums.
  • Overuse of whitening remedies, which can strip the sheen from your teeth.
  • Using one-size-fits-all mouth trays, which can lead to chemical burns.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Your smile is unique. People have different sized mouths. Using a one-size-fits-all, off the shelf whitening tray makes distributing the bleaching solution correctly and evenly tricky.

Why risk chemical burns to your gums when Dr. Carol Jin, DDS offers a gentle Zoom whitening service in the office? If you prefer an at-home option, we can fit you with a custom tray and provide a safe, professional-grade whitening product.

Whitening Strips Are Not The Answer

Whitening strips often result in uneven teeth whitening. When left on too long, whitening strips can also increase the sensitivity of your teeth. Inexpensive, DIY products that are not approved by the FDA may also contain high levels of chemical concentrations that can damage your teeth.

Professional Teeth Whitening In San Ramon

No over the counter whitening remedy can match the safety and effectiveness of a professional service. If you have stained or yellow teeth, don’t risk making the problem worse with inadequate home remedies. Dr. Carol Jin, DDS, is a cosmetic dentist that you can trust in San Ramon, CA, for a brighter, healthier smile. Call us today to schedule your teeth whitening appointment.