Teeth Whitening After Braces

Teeth Whitening After BracesIf your smile could still use some perfecting after you get all of that hardware off, visit Dr. Carol Jin DDS at her San Ramon office for teeth whitening after braces. Congratulations on months or even years of dedication to get the smile you want. Now, let us help you add this finishing touch to make your newly straightened teeth sparkle.

After All That Work

We get it. You expected to walk out of the orthodontist’s office with smiles for days. But the teeth straightening brackets and wires came off, and there were still a few things left to dampen your spirits. Believe it or not, stained and yellow teeth are incredibly common after braces.

What Causes Teeth Stains After Braces?

Teeth whitening after braces is often needed due to yellow or brown stains or even white spots caused by a combination of things. While you’re wearing dental braces, it’s harder to get everything off during at-home cleanings and easier for foods to hide in all of the nooks and crannies of the braces.

  • It’s Harder To Brush
  • It’s Harder To Floss
  • Plaque & Tartar Buildup Easily
  • Certain Foods Cause Stains
  • Skipped Cleanings Increase Problems

Plaque, Tarter & Oral Hygiene

If you thought remembering to floss before braces was hard, flossing with braces can be downright challenging. It takes more time and a lot more practice. Overlapping teeth and dental hardware can also be difficult to clean around. So, sticky plaque can harden into tartar and give your teeth a yellow or brown look.

Foods That Cause Staining

Even if you have a great flossing and brushing routine down while you’re wearing braces, the foods you eat can keep you from that whiter smile. Sugar, coffee, tea, soda, dark juices, and even soy sauce can either stain or promote bacteria to grow on your teeth.

Bacteria can cause demineralization, which sometimes looks like white spots on your teeth after braces.

Avoiding Tooth Discoloration

Fortunately, tooth staining can be reduced or even avoided altogether with a little help from your general or cosmetic dentist. Keeping up with your professional cleaning appointments means access to the advice, skill, and specialized tools only a professional hygienist has.

Why Professional Whitening?

Teeth whitening after braces is best done at the dentist office. You want the best results possible after all the work you’ve gone through to straighten your teeth. With professional treatments like Zoom whitening, you know you are getting safe, faster results and all the advice you need to keep your pearly whites gleaming.

Get A Brighter, Whiter Smile In San Ramon

If you’re feeling a little disappointed after that last orthodontic appointment, call us today to make your appointment with Dr. Carol Jin in San Ramon. We can help you with teeth whitening after braces and other smile-enhancing cosmetic dentistry services.