Cracked Teeth Are On The Rise: How You Can Avoid Them

Cracked ToothCracking a tooth is no fun and can affect one’s self-esteem and speech pattern. It can also worsen oral health. Now that incidents of cracked teeth are increasing, San Ramon, CA family dentist, Dr. Carol Jin, DDS, wants patients to know that regular dental care and some good habits can help them to avoid such situations. You and your family can do some things to reduce your chances of experiencing a cracked tooth.

  • Avoid Hard Candy & Nuts
  • Don’t Abuse Your Teeth
  • Take Good Care Of Your Teeth—Eat Healthy Foods
  • Stay Current On Cleanings & Check-ups

Avoid Hard Candy & Nuts

Our teeth are made of enamel on the outside to protect the inner layers. If you chew down on something hard, you may create a small or large crack in the enamel that allows deeper decay over time. This can be very painful. Your teeth could also develop sensitivity to hot or cold foods or beverages.

Don’t Abuse Your Teeth—Use A Bottle Opener

Don’t use your teeth for anything but chewing your food. Common causes of cracks are using your pearly whites to bite your nails, plastic tags off new products, or open bottle caps. That’s what scissors and bottle openers are for. These activities can wear the protective enamel down, causing cracks.

Take Care Of Your Teeth—Eat Healthy Foods

Eat healthy foods while avoiding sugary or acidic foods and drinks that could wear down the enamel of your teeth. Chew food well to aid digestion, then brush and floss regularly after each meal.

Stay Current On Cleanings & Check Ups

Patients are often unaware that they’ve cracked a tooth when the crack first occurs. However, regular dental visits can reveal a problem with your tooth before it even begins to hurt. Establish a relationship with a general dentist who can examine your teeth regularly, then advise on the best treatment plan for your dental health after a check-up.

Call For An Appointment Today

Let’s get you in to see Dr. Carol Jin, DDS, at our San Ramon, CA office, where we can examine and evaluate the health of your teeth. If you have a cracked tooth, our team will help you or your family members to create a plan of action to fix it.