How To Cope With Dental Anxiety

If you or a family member suffers from dental anxiety, you’re not alone. At our dental office in San Ramon, we center ourselves around a stress-free environment. Specially trained for both child and adult sedation, they are available to help make your next visit as pleasant as possible.

Annual Checkups Are Extremely Important

We make an effort to help alleviate the anxiety commonly associated with a fear of clinical facilities. If you’re nervous around needles or have a sensitive mouth, you can avoid serious future surgeries by having annual checkups.

We’re Expertly Trained To Ease Your Worries

Dr Carol Jin DentistWe’d like to share with you Dr. Carol Jin’s top tips for new and existing clients, on how to best deal with dental anxiety and overcoming your fear of the dentist:

  • Avoid caffeine and sugar.
  • Practice slow breathing.
  • Schedule morning appointments.
  • Bring your favorite music.
  • Tell us about your concerns.

Avoid The Jitters & Eat A Protein-Enriched Breakfast

Sugar and caffeine are known to increase our ability to feel anxious, which is why it’s a very good idea to avoid sugary breakfast foods before visiting the dentist. Eating a protein-enriched meal the day of your next appointment well help your body’s ability to stay in a calmer, more relaxed state.

Smooth & Slow Breathing Works

When one is stressed, it is natural to have irregular short breaths, which can heighten stress factors. If you have a severe case of anxiety, we can help guide you through the proper breathing techniques to help you overcome your fears. Visualization techniques or meditation type breathing is highly recommended for those with severe cases of dental phobia.

Early Mornings Are Less Hectic At The Dentist

If you’re specifically afraid of the noise of drills or other dental instruments, then try to schedule your appointment at a time when there will be fewer patients. Planning a time in the middle of the day can be more stressful than having it first thing in the morning. Having a morning visit can benefit you emotionally because your body is still in that relaxed state just after waking up. Make sure to get plenty of sleep the night before your scheduled appointment.

Bring A Comforting Trinket Or Your Favorite Music

Luckily, we provide noise cancellation headphones, pillows, and earplugs. If you have a favorite calming music, we recommend you load it into your phone prior to your appointment. For children, we recommend letting them bring their favorite stuffed animal. Adults are encouraged to bring similar comfort trinkets such as a worry stone or a stress-relief ball.

Let Us Know About Your Apprehensions

It’s important to let us know the types of fears and worries you have regarding dental exams and instruments. Dr. Carol Jin and our staff in San Ramon are experts in helping patients overcome certain fears associated with dentistry. Call us today to schedule your next appointment and ask us more about our calming and stress-free techniques.