Oral Cancer Exam

Oral Cancer Screening Dr. Carol Jin makes oral cancer exams a priority in her San Ramon, CA office to encourage early detection and effective treatment. Dr. Carol Jin strives for exceptional dentistry in the greater Bay Area and welcomes you to come experience the quality care at her office. Don’t let anxiety over dental exams prevent you from getting screened for oral cancer. It’s a quick and painless check that can greatly impact your life.

Stop Oral Cancer In Its Tracks

The key to successfully combating oral cancer is early detection. By taking strides to address any abnormal soft tissue developments, you are working towards oral cancer prevention. Your regularly scheduled dental appointment is a great opportunity to have this valuable screening done because it only requires a few additional minutes added to your checkup or cleaning, and doesn’t require an independent visit of its own. Any irregular tissue growth or sores can also be an indicator of HPV (Human papillomavirus). Some strains of this virus can put a woman more at risk for cervical cancer, so it’s important to know if you need to discuss this with your regular physician.

Symptoms Of Oral Cancer

Oral cancer can strike anyone, including young people and non-smokers, which is why it’s important to stay abreast of your oral health and any changes in your mouth. As your dental professional, we are experienced at identifying abnormalities. We are often the first person to spot irregular tissue. Some symptoms of oral cancer include:

  • Unexplained bleeding in your mouth.
  • Red, white, or white and red patches in your mouth.
  • Any bumps, rough spots, or eroded areas on your gums, lips or inside of mouth.
  • Difficulty speaking, chewing, or swallowing with no apparent cause.
  • A chronic sore throat or loss of voice/hoarseness.

When To Schedule Your Exam

An exam can be done at your twice yearly checkup, but if you have any mouth sores that bleed easily and persist past two weeks, it’s important to schedule an appointment with your dentist right away. Again, with early detection, many oral cancers can be effectively treated and your oral health restored.

Oral Cancer Exams In San Ramon

If you’d like to take control of your health, let Dr. Carol Jin help by giving you an oral cancer exam. It’s painless, non-invasive, can be accomplished in just minutes, and requires zero exposure to radiation. If you live in the San Ramon area, call us today to make an appointment with our friendly team of dental of professionals.