Nutrition For Oral Health

Dental NutritianDr. Carol Jin spends a tremendous amount of energy educating her patients, in San Ramon, about how nutrition plays an important role in maintaining oral health. We include important nutritional advice in every wellness exam and cleaning we perform. We know that helping our patients make good decisions about what to eat will greatly benefit their overall oral health.

What You Should Know About Nutrition For Oral Health

What you eat not only impacts your overall health – it affects the condition and appearance of your teeth and gums. If the food you are eating is of poor nutritional value, the first signs of health problems often manifest themselves through your oral health. Bad food choices often lead to diseased gums, weakened bone structure, smile discoloration, cavities and tooth loss.

How Poor Meal Choices Lead To Tooth Decay

The food and beverages you consume have a direct correlation to tooth decay. Dr. Carol Jin advises her San Ramon patients that several factors weigh into this, namely:

  • The nutritional composition of your meal
  • The food and drinks ingested and the order in which you consume them
  • The consistency of the food and how quickly it dissolves
  • How often you eat and drink sugary or acidic foods and beverages
  • Any medical conditions, such acid reflux disease or eating disorders

Food To Avoid That May Harm Your Dental Health

Obvious foods to avoid are sweets, including candy, cookies, cakes and muffins. Not only are they high in sugar, but they also adhere to teeth. They promote the growth of bacteria, which release acids and cause tooth decay. Avoid drinking sugary beverages, such as lemonade, soda, and sweetened coffee, juice and tea. What most of our patients don’t realize is that some foods with high nutritional value can be harmful to your oral health. Two examples are tomatoes and citrus foods, which are both acidic. We also advise staying away from dried fruits because they are sticky and produce plaque acids that eat away at your teeth.

Healthy Foods That Will Make Your Mouth Smile

Calcium and phosphorus are two minerals that protect and rebuild tooth enamel. We encourage our patients to eat calcium-rich foods such as cheese, milk, yogurt, almonds, greens, and tofu. Foods that contain protein, like lean beef, skinless poultry, fish, eggs, peas and beans are great sources of phosphorus. The vitamin C contained in fruits and vegetables will help to maintain the health of your gums, heal wounds and boost your immune system against oral infections.

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