Should You Replace A Missing Tooth?

Replace Missing TeethIf missing teeth are affecting your smile in San Ramon, CA, Dr. Carol Jin, DDS, can help. Healthy teeth don’t just give you an attractive smile – each of your 32 adult teeth serves an essential purpose in your oral health, from helping you bite and chew to maintaining the correct structure in your mouth and jaw.

Whether you need a front tooth replacement or a solution for several missing back teeth, Dr. Carol Jin and her team offer multiple state-of-the-art options to restore your smile.

Are You Embarrassed By Missing Teeth?

The more teeth you lose, the more it can affect your self-esteem at work and when you are out in public. Missing teeth can also lead to temporomandibular (jawbone) erosion, which in turn can cause sagging skin and increased wrinkles in the front of your mouth.

How Missing Teeth Affect Your Health

Altered appearance is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to missing teeth. Missing incisors make it difficult to bite into an apple or other food; when you have lost one or more molars, you will have difficulty chewing.

Additional side effects of missing teeth include:

  • Shrinking jawbone and receding gums.
  • The weakening of neighboring teeth.
  • Shifting of bite pressure as other teeth move to fill in the gap.
  • Plaque buildup in hard to access areas leading to neighboring tooth decay.
  • Bite irregularities that can affect other teeth and gums as well as your head, neck, and jaw.

Tooth Replacement Options

Fortunately, modern dentistry affords many tooth replacement options to give you a natural-looking, functional smile again. For single missing teeth, often, an implant is the right choice. Bridges, which are multiple artificial teeth fused to a metal frame, can be used to replace multiple teeth.

Your San Ramon Family & Cosmetic Dentistry Specialist

Don’t let missing teeth continue to affect your oral health and self-esteem. Whether you are an adult in need of extensive work, or you have a child who needs to replace a tooth following a sporting or playground accident, Dr. Carol Jin and her staff are ready to help. Call today and make an appointment. Let’s get you back on the road to great oral health.