Cavity Treatment

Cavity Treatment San Ramon

Dr. Carol Jin’s San Ramon, California office is the place for cavity prevention and treatment. Our experienced staff prioritizes your comfort with gentle dentistry techniques and the latest materials. This common issue deserves to be treated as soon as possible to help keep you healthy and smiling.

What Is A Cavity?

Tooth decay is the cause of a cavity, a very common issue with teeth. Typically, they occur in children and young adults, but people of all ages can be affected. Sugar found on the teeth is broken down by bacteria over time into acids. These acids form plaque, which attaches to the teeth and slowly erodes them over time.

Preventing Tooth Decay

The best way to avoid plaque and tooth decay is through prevention. Try to limit your intake of foods high in sugar and carbohydrates. You should also brush your teeth three times a day or after every meal. Using dental floss or a dental brush is also a good way to prevent tooth decay. Visiting our San Ramon dentist office twice a year is a good idea to ensure that you don’t already have a cavity.

Diagnosing A Cavity

Sometimes, a cavity can be seen as a visible hole in the tooth, or it may be softer or more fragile as plaque has started to break it down. We check for tooth decay by means of a routine checkup and x-rays to determine if there are any cavities in your teeth. If you feel tooth pain, it is highly possible that you have one, but there are other symptoms that could signal a cavity.

  • Tooth Sensitivity
  • Pain When Eating & Drinking Hot Or Cold Things
  • Staining On The Tooth Surface
  • Visible Holes In Your Tooth
  • Pain When You Bite Down

Treating A Cavity

There are many different ways of treating a cavity that will reduce the pain and keep it from getting any worse. Dental fillings are the most common method. Fillings come in multiple colors and are made from what are called dental restorative materials. A dental crown caps a damaged tooth if there is serious damage to it. A badly decayed tooth may require a root canal to remove the bacteria and diseased tissue rather than just cleaning.

Get The Best Care

Whether you want to prevent cavities or treat them, the best way to do it is through a visit to your dentist. For the best cavity prevention and treatment in San Ramon, you should call us for an appointment with Dr. Carol Jin, DDS. Our highly trained staff is ready to help you restore your teeth’s health.