Digital Dental Impressions

Digital ImpressionsDr. Carol Jin in San Ramon uses the latest in technology for your digital dental impressions. She is dedicated to ensuring your maximum comfort when performing your dental procedures. Our Medit optically assisted laser scanner takes the mess out of creating a model for dental procedures, from single crowns to full-arch restorations.

No More Goopy Dental Trays

The taste, texture, and waiting involved with dental impressions can be incredibly uncomfortable. Giving you a pleasant dental office experience is our top priority. Digital impressions add to this experience in many ways. Just some advantages of digital impressions include:

  •     No Goopy Trays
  •     No Gagging
  •     Increased Comfort
  •     Instant 3D Image
  •     The Model Is Made Faster
  •     More Accurate Fit
  •     Collaboration With High-Tech Labs

No need to experience the gagging or hold an uncomfortable tray in your mouth. Our Medit scanner allows Dr. Jin to see a 3D model of your teeth being built as the scanning process proceeds. Using the digital image created, an exact model is produced by a milling machine to remove excess material.

Digital Dental Impression Accuracy

These digitally created models result in few if any remakes and highly accurate restorations that fit with little to no adjustment at seating time. Contact points, occlusion, and bite are no longer an issue. When taking dental impressions. Partnering with digitally enabled top-notch laboratories allows us to streamline your restorations and implants, improve your dental care and save you time.

Medit Digital Technology

Our Medit digital equipment is used for traditional dental models and implant restorations. It is also used for orthodontic impressions and dental impressions. The use of this quality digital technology eliminates the need for conventional impressions.

Get Digital Dental Impressions In San Ramon

If you are experiencing dental discomfort or are in need of an annual checkup, contact Dr. Carol Jin’s office today for an appointment and be sure to ask about our digital dental treatment options. We look forward to seeing you in the office.