The Medit Scanner – Our Newest Dental Technology

Our New Dental TechnologiesWe are pleased to introduce the Medit intraoral dental scanner as the latest addition to our cutting-edge dental technologies. Keeping pace with innovations in the field of digital dentistry is very important to Dr. Carol Jin, DDS., and the rest of our San Ramon dental team. We want you to receive the highest quality care as comfortably as possible.

  • No Biting Into Goopy Trays
  • No Unpleasant Taste
  • No Gagging
  • Instant 3D Image Of Your Teeth
  • Faster Modeling
  • A More Accurate Fit
  • Allows Collaboration With High Tech Labs
  • Less Chance For Error
  • Eco-Friendly — No More Plastic Trays

Digital Dental Scanners Are Fast & Accurate

High-tech dentistry tools, like the Medit digital scanner, use a combination of computers and specialized imaging technologies. They are more efficient and more accurate. They are also designed to add comfort to your experience. You’ll be amazed at the results from this little device.

  • Great For Pre-Operation, Impressions & Quick Checks
  • Small Tip – Similar To An Electric Toothbrush
  • Two Cameras For High Resolution, HD Images
  • Vivid Color, 3D Results

No More Gagging On Goop

In the past, to obtain dental impressions, your family dentist would need to prepare a tray of goopy material. You would then bite down on the tray of goop and sit patiently for several minutes, trying not to gag while waiting for the material to harden.

3D dental scans with the Media scanner eliminates that process.

Get Results Faster

With the Medit scanner, Dr. Carol Jin can achieve a nearly instant 3D image of your teeth. This highly-detailed image makes creating the perfect crown or dental implant for you faster. So you can count on getting your procedure performed and enjoying the results much more quickly.

Digital Dentistry In San Ramon, CA

Need Impressions? Experience the convenience of digital dentistry with the Medit intraoral scanner. Call the San Ramon office of Dr. Carol Jin today to schedule an appointment. We hope to see you soon.