How Does Pregnancy Damage Teeth?

Pregnancy Dentist San RamonDr. Carol Jin, DDS, is the family dentist in San Ramon, CA, that can provide you with safe and effective prenatal oral care for the duration of your pregnancy and beyond. Whether or not you have tooth pain while pregnant, it is crucial to maintain a regular schedule of dental exams and cleanings when you are expecting.

Pregnancy & Your Teeth

It’s not easy being pregnant. Your body is continuously changing, and you may feel tired and run down. As a result, you might be tempted to brush and floss less often. Perhaps you have cravings for foods, such as sweets and other simple carbohydrates that are bad for your teeth.

All of these factors may increase your risk of enamel erosion and cavities during this particular time of your life. It’s not a good idea to neglect your teeth when you are pregnant.

Pregnancy Exams – Oral Care For Two

No matter how tempting it is to skip your daily brushing and flossing, bear in mind that taking good care of your teeth during pregnancy is not just right for you. It is essential for your unborn baby’s health, as well. There are many reasons why you shouldn’t neglect your teeth or skip seeing the dentist if you are expecting.

  • Untreated gingivitis, a type of inflammation of the gums, can increase your risk of giving birth prematurely.
  • Increased levels of pregnancy hormones can lead to loosened teeth.
  • Morning sickness can cause you to vomit, and stomach acid can erode your teeth.
  • Irritating noncancerous growths called pregnancy tumors can form on your gums, causing pain and bleeding.
  • Cavities during pregnancy can cause tooth-harming bacteria to be transmitted to your baby during or after birth, increasing his or her risk of future dental caries.

Good Dental Care During All 9 Months

When you are expecting, you should continue to brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once daily. If morning sickness makes you queasy when you are brushing, ask your OB-GYN if you can safely chew antacids afterward to help neutralize the acid on your teeth.

Don’t skip your six-month checkup, but be sure to tell your dentist that you are pregnant so that you can receive an appropriate level of treatment. Dental X-rays will not hurt your unborn child but may allow your dentist to detect and treat hidden problems that can themselves be harmful.

Prenatal Dental Care In San Ramon, CA

Family dentist Dr. Carol Jin, DDS, and her experienced staff want you to help you keep your smile bright, white, and healthy, even while you are pregnant. Call today to schedule your prenatal dental care appointment or to discuss any questions or concerns you might have.