Loose Teeth

Loose Tooth One major topic of dentistry is loose teeth, and Dr. Carol Jin specializes in many forms of dentistry to provide you the dental care you need and deserve in the San Ramon area. We offer the most in advanced technology including, Digital Impressions, High Power Microscopes, Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning, Digital Imaging, Digital X-Rays, Laser Dentistry, Intraoral Camera and more. If you are experiencing any pain or concerns about your teeth, we have you covered. Our advanced technology can take care of any loose teeth concerns.

My Tooth Feels Loose

Do you have a sensation of your tooth feeling loose? In some cases, adult’s teeth can feel loose, which is most noticeable when one is eating or brushing and flossing. This is not uncommon, and we can examine your teeth to see where the problem may lay. The cause of loose teeth may be oral trama. Trauma can come in the form of impact or force applied to your teeth, such as occurs with bruxism, or the grinding and clenching of your teeth and jaw. This causes the periodontal ligaments that hold your teeth in place to stretch and lose their stability as an anchor. Gum disease also plays a big part in loose teeth. If gum disease is left untreated, the infection can damage gum tissue leading to a damaged tooth and supporting bone. This can cause your teeth to become loose and may eventually result in loss of teeth.

Depending on the cause of the loose tooth, there are many treatments available. Dr. Carol Jin will share her expertise and years of experience on how to treat a loose tooth and prevent any tooth loss. If your loose tooth is caused by grinding your teeth at night, a special mouth guard will be given to you to wear while you sleep. This will greatly reduce the stress on your teeth and ligaments and the possibility of loose teeth in the future. In the case of gum disease, you will need a few extensive cleaning treatments to remove plague and other hard deposits to stop bacterial growth. A series of antibiotics will be prescribed, depending on the severity, you may need special medication designed to bring your loose tooth back to a healthy state.

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