Teeth Fillings

Dental Filling

Macro of a tooth with an amalgam filling

Dr. Carol Jin, DDS offers composite tooth filling options with our top-quality dental care. Our offices have the best techniques and materials that will complement your healthy smile. Let us make sure that you have a smile that will look amazing and last for a long time.

What Are Fillings?

Nearly everyone will have to get a cavity repaired at some point in their lives. A filling is what is used to plug the hole left by a cavity after the decayed tooth tissue has been removed. We recommend using tooth-colored composite resin fillings instead of the silver amalgam used by dentists in the past. They are also used to repair cracked or worn-down teeth that can occur due to things like tooth grinding or nail-biting.

Why Do You Need Fillings?

It’s important to get your teeth filled when it is needed so that you can use your teeth just like normal again. When a cavity is drilled out, the nerve in your tooth is often exposed which can be painful. If the hole gets impacted just through daily use, an infection can develop into another, worse, cavity. It can make sure that your teeth look right and healthy, as well as keep them that way.

Amalgam Fillings Have Flaws

There are many reasons to choose light-colored composite fillings over dark ones. Silver or amalgam can cause your teeth to crack over time because it will expand and contract. Any teeth you have with silver fillings may eventually develop discoloration. Amalgam fillings do not look natural or aesthetically pleasing. Even if your cavity is small, a large amount of tooth has to be removed to create a bond between the amalgam and your tooth.

Composite Is Better For You

On the other hand, more family dentists are using resin over silver amalgam fillings for safer, more effective tooth restoration. Resin bonds directly to your teeth for a tighter seal. Less of your tooth has to be removed during this procedure, making tooth repair less invasive with composite. There are many reasons you may prefer composite fillings.

  • Fluoride in the composite resin helps prevent tooth decay.
  • Resin fillings are healthier for the gums.
  • The teeth will not crack because of composite fillings.
  • The resin will actually insulate the teeth from heat and cold.

Choose High-Quality Teeth Fillings

We want you to look and feel the best that you can. Call us to schedule an appointment so that we can help your smile get there again with the right filling option for you. Dr. Carol Jin and our highly trained staff have your comfort as our top priority.