Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide San Ramon

Nitrous oxide has emerged to be one of the most common inhalation anesthetics in dentistry. It is regularly used in dental clinics for relaxing patients during various dental treatments. We have vast experience with nitrous oxide and only deal with the right equipment and techniques to ensure safety of our patients. Your safety is our prime concern.

This gas is used in almost one-third of dental practices in Unites States. At our clinic, we use this sedative for patients who are nervous or fearful. If a patient is anxious, he or she becomes completely relaxed and calm after receiving nitrous oxide. Since this sedative is effective, we rarely prescribe any other alternatives for our anxious patients before treatment.

Uses of Nitrous Oxide in Dentistry

In dentistry, this sedative is used to reduce anxiety and pain associated with certain procedures. It is usually delivered through a nasal mask with oxygen. A nasal mask is able to completely cover a patient’s nose. This allows the mixture of oxygen and Nitrous oxide to flow through a patient’s mouth while a professional and well-trained dentist works on it.

At our clinic, this sedative is used to increase relaxation, analgesia and cooperation among younger patients. We understand the importance of this sedative for intensive and prolonged dental procedures. Therefore, we always focus on providing the best sedation services to our patients.

Equipment Used by Dr. Carol Jin

Safety is our primary concern. We use closed gas cylinders with attached flow meters to restrict the flow and proportion of this gas. It also helps in keeping a minimum concentration of oxygen. In order to use this sedative for dental administration, it is important to focus on proper monitoring, equipment and storage unit. Thus, we use high-end equipment to make sure there are no leakages or excessive exposure.

Dr. Carol Jin for Nitrous Oxide Sedation

At our clinic, every staff member makes sure your visit is comfortable and worthwhile. We aim to provide the best customer service. Our friendly staff will make sure that you are relaxed and calm before your dental treatment begins. Moreover, we only use updated and high-end dental and sterilization technologies. Dentistry and sedation are sensitive areas. Dr. Carol Jin has been practicing for many years and is very experienced in administering nitrous oxide safely.