Overcoming Your Dentist Fears And How To Prep For Your Visit

Overcoming Dentist FearsIf a trip to the dentist causes you severe anxiety, it might be time to pay a visit to a gentle dentist like Dr. Carol Jin, DDS in San Ramon, CA. With years of experience accommodating clients with dentophobia, she can help keep your teeth healthy without fear.

How To Prep For Your Visit

For many people, the fear of going to the dentist can become so overwhelming that they do not get the routine checkups necessary to keep their teeth and gums healthy. If you have bad memories from a past trip to the dentist, a debilitating fear of needles, or other types of anxiety, there are several ways to prepare yourself for an upcoming visit:

  • Let Your Dentist Know You’re Anxious
  • Listen To Music
  • Visit When We’re Less Busy
  • Bring A Loved One Along For Company

Tell The Dentist How You’re Feeling

Tell the hygienist and dentist how you feel ahead of time to minimize dental anxiety. When you’re feeling anxious, you can use a hand signal. This way, they can provide ways to help you feel calmer and more comfortable during the procedure. If you’re feeling especially anxious, it may be wise to contact our office in advance to request sedation.

Relax With Music

Familiar music is very comforting for many people—especially when used to distract yourself from anxiety. Before you visit the dentist, download your favorite playlist and wear noise-canceling earphones to drown out the unpleasant sounds of dental instruments.

Visit During A Less Busy Time

For many people with odontophobia or other forms of anxiety, a trip to the dentist is more stressful during peak hours due to longer wait times, more background noise, and potentially awkward social situations. So, it may be best to schedule your appointment when fewer people are there, such as on a weekday morning. (As a bonus, this just might give you an excuse to take an extra day off from work, and who wouldn’t like that?!)

Bring A Friend

Many people find great comfort in bringing their partner, parent, best friend, or even stuffed animal along with them to the dentist. Moreover, if you’re opting for sedation, it’s especially important to have someone who can drive you home safely. Just make sure to call the office in advance to stay up to date on social distancing policies.

Our Gentle Dentistry Services

  • Sedation Dentistry
  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Conscious Sedation

Sedation Dentistry

Dental anxiety is normal and fairly common among children, teens, and adults alike, so there is no shame in asking to be sedated. With traditional sedation, we will administer an IV that puts you in a deep sleep, much like if you were undergoing surgery. While unconscious, you will feel no pain and will not form any memories.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas,” has eased the anxiety and pain associated with a trip to the dentist since the 1800s. It is administered via inhalation, so it will kick in almost immediately and doesn’t involve a needle. Rather than feeling anxious, you might find yourself feeling peaceful, giddy, or even euphoric when you take laughing gas.

Conscious Sedation

Another needle-free option worth considering is oral conscious sedation, which involves taking a pill that induces total relaxation without rendering you completely knocked out. Some of our patients become so relaxed that they don’t even remember what happened during the visit.

Gentle Dental Care In San Ramon

By far, the best way to prepare for a trip to the dentist is to find a dentist who understands dentophobia. Dr. Carol Jin, DDS, and her team have extensive experience providing sedation care and other accommodations to minimize your anxiety. Contact her office today to find out more.