Tooth Wear

Tooth WearIf you are experiencing tooth wear, Dr. Carol Jin is a San Ramon-based dentist who specializes in gentle dentistry techniques and procedures. Her goal is to make every office visit as pleasant and painless as possible so nothing will prevent you from getting the dental care you need.

What Causes Tooth Wear?

As we age, it is expected that we experience some amount of normal tooth wear. Beyond this, however, some erosion is excessive and concerning because of the impact on function and visual appeal. Extreme tooth wear can eventually cause pain when the nerves become exposed. When a person grinds or clenches their teeth, this causes a type of wear called “attrition.” This may be caused by a misaligned bite or by bruxism, which is involuntary clenching and grinding. Another type of wearing down of enamel is called “abrasion.” Abrasion is the result of friction from such activities as brushing too aggressively and with too hard of a toothbrush. Corrosion of the tooth occurs when the teeth are exposed to too much acid, which dissolves dentin and enamel.

Tooth Wear Prevention

Most tooth wear can be prevented or successfully managed by simple techniques or changing your habits. Bruxism can be treated with a nighttime mouth guard or by the management of stress and anxiety, which is often an underlying cause of clenching and grinding. By brushing more gently and using an extra soft toothbrush, you can avoid further damage caused by friction. Lastly, by altering your diet to reduce or eliminate acid-based foods and beverages, you can avoid erosion. After consuming acid-containing food or drink, try to rinse your mouth with water after you’re finished to wash away lingering acid. In some cases erosion is due to stomach acid that is frequently regurgitated; in these cases it’s important to address the cause of the regurgitation.

Tooth Wear Treatment

The two common types of treatment for tooth wear include:

  • Tooth Bonding – To cover exposed dentin, Dr. Jin can apply a tooth-colored bonding material over the vulnerable area, thus protecting the dentin as enamel would. It will also help to visually restore your tooth, so it looks unaffected by wear.
  • Crowns – If you are suffering from more excessive wear and erosion, Dr. Jin may recommend the use of crowns to cover the entire tooth and replace the lost structure.

Restore Your Smile Today

Don’t delay when it comes to the treatment of your teeth. Good teeth are about more than just appearance – oral health is important for your overall well being. Contact Dr. Carol Jin’s office today to set up an appointment to discuss what she can do to help restore your smile.