5 Ways To Upgrade Your Dental Hygiene Routine

Woman FlossingRoutine visits, home care, and good habits all play a part in improving dental hygiene. San Ramon, CA dentist, Dr. Carol Jin, DDS, helps families improve their dental hygiene through education and gentle dental care. Routine visits to our office allow us to provide checkups and tips for patients to improve their oral health, including the best products to use for tooth care.

  • Regular Visits To Your Dentist
  • Healthy Foods Promote Good Dental Health
  • Consistent Home Care For Bright Smiles
  • Use Good Quality Products
  • Develop Good Habits

Visit Your Dentist Regularly

The first step to maintaining healthy teeth is scheduling an appointment with a local dentist for a checkup. A dentist qualified as a family dentist will evaluate your family’s dental health, then set you up with a good routine for preventative care. Regular visits, at least 2 per year, can ensure that you receive x-rays, exams, cleanings, plus any additional treatments to help maintain excellent oral health.

Enjoy Healthy Foods

Eating healthy foods supports our dental health. Because our mouths are the first place where food is broken down for digestion, carbohydrates and sugars can form plaque around our teeth and breed destructive bacteria. Minimizing these foods, flossing, and regular brushing help maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Good Home Care

Dentists provide excellent home care tips that complement your regular dental office visits. At those times, your dental professional will advise you on the best toothbrush, floss, or pick for your particular hygiene needs. We recommend brushing and flossing consistently, at least twice every day. Additionally, cleaning the tongue and using a water flosser such as a Waterpik to clean under bridges will encourage healthy gums.

Choose Approved Dental Products

At your cleaning appointment, family dentists often give patients sample toothbrushes, floss, and toothpaste for home care use. Suppose a patient also needs specialized products like small brushes or mirrors for hard-to-reach areas that trap food. In that case, it’s essential to read the packaging to ensure that the products are high quality and are approved by the American Dental Association. In these cases, design and quality will be consistent in manufacturing.

Monitor Bad Habits

Turn the tables on bad habits by being aware of how your actions affect your oral health. Smoking causes tooth staining, and this habit has the potential to cause oral, head, or neck cancers if continued. Your family dentist can help with whitening treatments. Some patients may unconsciously transfer stress to their teeth and jaw through grinding and clenching, even while sleeping, and routine exams will uncover this habit.

Schedule Your Appointment

Dr. Carol Jin, DDS, and her San Ramon, CA team can help you upgrade your dental hygiene routine. During our exams, our staff checks for the signs of wear on your teeth and can offer the right treatments to offset the effects of these bad habits. Schedule your visit and checkup today, and we’ll get you on the path to improved oral health.