What Are The First Signs Of A Cavity?

If you’re wondering what the first signs of a cavity are, see Dr. Carol Jin, DDS in San Ramon, California. Cavities are so common that they may seem normal. Yet they can lead to more severe problems if they aren’t taken seriously. Regular dental checkups are a must for catching cavities early and making sure your teeth stay healthy.

Determining if you have a cavity

Why Are Cavities A Big Deal?

Simply put, cavities are holes in your teeth. As the holes get larger and deeper, they start to affect the tooth’s soft, inner layers. Bacteria thrive in these holes, leading to tooth deeper decay, infection, severe tooth pain, and even tooth loss.

Cavities don’t just damage your appearance but your health as well. Tooth pain can interfere with eating which leads to poor nutrition. Losing teeth and having bad breath due to tooth decay isn’t good for your self-esteem either.

How To Tell If You Have A Cavity

When a cavity is just forming, you probably won’t feel anything. As it grows, it may cause the following cavity symptoms. Some you may notice while brushing. Others may be more noticeable at mealtimes.

Common Causes Of Tooth Decay

Most people know that eating lots of sugary foods and drinking sugary drinks cause cavities, but starches also contribute to the bacteria growth which leads to cavities. Not brushing well is another often-cited cause of decay. It’s no wonder that your back teeth, ones that are harder to clean, are especially vulnerable. Other common causes, are frequent snacking, not getting enough fluoride, certain medications, and medical conditions.

Preventing Cavities

Brushing at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste removes bacteria and protects your teeth’s enamel. Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet and drinking tap water (which has fluoride in it) are other ways you can keep cavities from forming.

The most important thing you can do, however, is seeing a dentist for regular checkups. A dentist can spot cavities early and treat them before they grow. A dentist can also thoroughly clean your mouth to prevent new cavities from forming.

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