Why Are Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Wisdom Tooth Removal CA

If you have sore back teeth, or an appointment with Dr. Carol Jin, DDS in San Ramon for an extraction, you may be wondering why wisdom teeth need to be removed in the first place. Wisdom tooth extractions have become a routine procedure for adults of all ages. Let’s explore why.

Too Many Teeth

In your late teens to early twenties, you’re likely to notice new molars at the very back of the mouth trying to erupt or break through the gum tissue. Those are your wisdom teeth. Due to shifts in genetics, mouths have become smaller on average, often leaving little to no room for these emerging wisdom teeth.

Wisdom Teeth Removals – The Why

This lack of space can lead to fully or partially impacted wisdom teeth. When wisdom teeth are impacted, it means that they are buried, either partially or entirely, in your soft tissues or jaw bone because they lack the needed space to erupt. This causes a host of problems.

Tooth Impaction Problems

Impacted wisdom teeth can lead to numerous dental health issues, including pain, tooth decay, and moving or loose teeth. This movement can shift, or misalign, your bite. Extracting or removing wisdom teeth can help to relieve pain and crowding and prevent additional problems.

  • Improve Pain & Discomfort
  • Avoid Damage To Nearby Teeth
  • Stop Or Slow Tooth Movement – Crowding & Gaps
  • Fix Or Improve Bite
  • Prevent Tooth Decay, Especially In Back Teeth

Hygiene Problems

Even if your wisdom teeth have fully erupted and fit, they can still be problematic. Because wisdom teeth are located so far back in the mouth, they can be challenging to clean. Removal of wisdom teeth can make it easier to keep your teeth clean. Extraction can help to reduce the risk of tooth decay, plaque buildup, and gum disease if you struggle to keep them clean.

Do Wisdom Teeth Always Need To Be Removed?

If your wisdom teeth are impacted, then it’s a pretty safe bet that they will likely need to be extracted. However, if your wisdom teeth erupt in the correct position, fit comfortably in your mouth, are not affecting your bite, and you don’t have difficulty keeping them clean, there may not be any reason to remove them.

Family-Friendly Dental Care In California

Regular dental care with a great family dentist, like Dr. Carol Jin, DDS can make patients of all ages feel comfortable receiving dental care. Routine dental care and checkups can help detect issues like problematic wisdom teeth before you are even aware of them.

Acting before there is a bigger problem can save you time, discomfort, and money in the long run. If you’ve already had expensive orthodontic work done, you don’t want wisdom teeth to undo all that effort.

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