How To Keep Kids Cavity Free During The Holidays

Kids Healthy Teeth Holidays (1)At the California office of family dentist Dr. Carol Jin, DDS, we want to help you keep your kids cavity-free during the holidays. You can protect your child’s teeth and still have a fun, festive season.

Keeping Those Little Smiles Picture Perfect

Candy, pies, Christmas cookies, hot cocoa, and other delectable holiday treats are a traditional part of many wintertime celebrations and traditions. Unfortunately, all that sugar can wreak havoc on your child’s pearly whites.

Avoid holiday cavities and keep your family’s smiles photo-ready with these simple tips and tricks.

  • Balance Sweets With Healthy Choices
  • Prevent Over-Indulgence In Sugar & Sweets
  • Brush Little Teeth After Sweet Treats
  • Rinse With Water After Sugar If Unable To Brush
  • Serve Water (Or Milk) Along With Sugary Goodies
  • Don’t Skip Dental Appointments

Other Tasty Things To Eat

A bit of indulgence during the holiday season is a near certainty. It can be nearly impossible to monitor everything your child eats during get-togethers and festivities. Make sure to offer healthy snacks and balanced meals whenever possible to ensure your kids are still getting access to tooth-healthy foods.

Arranging your picks in a fun way can make these options more appealing for young kids.

  • Cheese & Cracker Trays
  • Sweet, Fresh Fruit
  • Crunchy Veggies & Dips
  • Peanut Butter

Winter-Wise Drink Options

Drinks like juice and soda contain sugar and will only increase the risks of plaque buildup, so choose those beverages wisely. Drinking a glass of water, or even milk, while eating those sweet holiday treats can help rinse the sugar off of teeth and reduce the risk of cavities.

Don’t Forget About Those Dental Checkups

In addition to proper daily dental hygiene, regular checkups, and cleanings twice a year, are essential for healthy, clean teeth year-round. It can be tempting to skip those dental appointments during the busy holiday season, but this may be the ideal time to come in as your child likely has time off from school work.

Children’s Dentistry In San Ramon, CA

Dr. Carol Jin, DDS, is a trusted family dentist in San Ramon, CA. We are here for all of your holiday dental needs. Ensure your family’s smiles sparkle as bright as those holiday lights. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.